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Your third year entails rigorous design research and development, including responding to industry briefs to develop fashion concepts from primary research through to final prototype garments. You will develop and apply innovative manufacturing techniques through investigation, sampling and prototyping, whilst responding to defined markets and consumers. Students will engage in a series of simulated real-world scenarios focussed on developing the personal and professional attributes required by industry, bridging the gap between education and employment. Students will synthesise their learning experience through self-reflection, peer evaluation, and professional feedback, exploring career options applicable to personal strengths and aspirations. Information & Library Studies Msc For more COVID-19 information, visit the Packaging Federation website or contact The NBF is the trade association that represents the bed and mattress manufacturing sector. This trade association is a m

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It holistically considers the whole process from selecting roles, applications, CV development, interviews, assessment  nha cai uy tin   centres. Students are equipped with all the core skills for them to apply and enter the professional career within a marketing related function. The second year sees students develop their professional skills, behaviours and attitudes, whilst furthering their knowledge of customer behaviour. Core units will provide insight into product innovations, examining what is needed to develop a new product and bring it to market, and also digital marketing, particularly in relation to analytics, customer behaviour and market segmentation. English & Social Policy Ba Hons Students will master traditional and emerging technologies to extend and develop conceptual fashion products and/or ranges that challenge convention and advance fashion practice within the diverse Fashion landscape. The focus is on active and participative learning as the students devel
Bsc Hons Fashion Marketing You can expect a decent number of contact hours – usually between 20 and 25 hours – in your first year of a fashion degree. On top of this, you will be expected to do a fair bit of independent study, whether that’s at home or in the fashion studios. This could include reading journal articles and books, conducting research, preparing for assessments, working on individual projects and meeting peers to complete group work. Fashion Students can choose to work Independently or form collaborative partnerships to realise their proposition in developing the project through to completion. This unit introduces students to the fashion marketing theories and processes. Students will explore the marketing mix, market research and marketing strategies for different size organisations, before researching the influence marketing has on profit, reputation and the customer relationship. This unit explores fundamental aspects of advertising, the history, theories, purpos

Motorcycle Safety: 5 Important Tips and Suggestions for Safe Riding

  MotorcycleSafety: 5 Important Tips and Suggestions for Safe Riding   You're having an amazing afternoon out riding your motorcycle. The weather is awesome, and you've got the wind blowing through your helmeted hair. Nothing could ruin this day. Nothing except for getting ran off the road by another driver. Luckily, you weren't injured this time. It's a good thing that you were wearing your safety gear, or that could have ended up being worse. There are over a thousand people every year who don't come out of accidents as well as you did. Many times it could have been avoided if the rider was practicing proper motorcycle safety. Keep reading to learn more. 1. Choose the Right Ride The first rule of motorcyclist safety is to choose the right ride for you. Many people base their decision on aesthetics alone. To be honest, that's the last thing you should consider. You increase your risk of getting into an accident if your motorcycle is too big for